Small introduction

When we boarded the plane, almost two years ago now, deciding to travel for the first time ever, we knew that it would be a great adventure. However, we never would have imagined the huge impact this travel would have on us, two little human beings used to a normal routine. We had both already traveled to another country, to take a vacation for two or three weeks, but before this journey, we never had actually traveled. The mindset we have for these two different types of travel is completely different.
On one hand, you just want to chill, discover new things but know that you have your ticket to come safely back to your comfortable home. On the other hand, your day to day life becomes the travel in itself. Traveling becomes your routine, and with that comes responsibilities, vigilance and a ton of fun and self-discovery.

This website was created for all the travel lovers out there ! We would love to share a bit of our experience and our beautiful pictures but we don’t know yet in which direction we will be heading for this blog, it might be a bit experimental and random at some times, but bare with us 🙂 The main goal is to share and connect with people all around the globe !

The day we decided to meet up in Sydney, in June 2018 was the beginning of a fabulous adventure. Two frenchies both having the feeling that they needed to see more. See more than the everyday life, more than just going to work or to college without really knowing why, more than waking up everyday to live the exact same day again and again. Our planet has so much to offer, has so much beauty that we can’t even imagine. We just wanted to see this beauty, to feel this beauty and to live this beauty. And then, when our satisfaction was met, we would just go back to the normal life. It didn’t really happen this way. In fact, as soon as we got back from our one year trip, we knew that we wouldn’t be able to stay long in our (beautiful) home country. That is why, we are currently working and saving up for our next big trip : Van life in Canada.

Meanwhile, we are going to share a few experiences and thoughts about our past trip. We hope that you will enjoy scrolling through this website !

Safe and fun travels to you !

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