First week in Australia : Organization and car purchase

It’s at the beginning of June 2018 that the best year of our humble lives starts.

Once you arrive to Sydney airport, it’s very easy to commute to the town center : a direct metro. This was the perfect means of transport to take us to our hostel quickly. We had booked our first night there and ended up staying five days in this hostel to acclimatize with our new surroundings and to finalize our projects. Instead of wasting money right at the start of our trip, we entered into an agreement with the hostel. We would work for them during 3 hours each morning in exchange for free accomodation. Thus, every morning at 9 am, we helped the employees clean up the bedrooms, change linens, make beds and take out the trash before enjoying the rest of the day. It was very easy to enter into an agreement with the hostel, we just went directly to the reception to negogiate with them. Hostels often need new employees or help in Australia and this type of agreement happens regularly in this country.

After getting a new sim card, an Australian phone number, an Australian credit card and after asking for an INE number (essential number if you want to be able to work on the Australian territory), it was time for us to find the little van that would accompany us throughout our journey. And that’s how, five days after our arrival in Australia, we bought our little yogurt van at 4500$AUS : a small Mazda, with a highly functionnal kitchen at the back and a comfortable bed.

Purchasing a car shouldn’t be done lightly as this car will become your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen and your daily means of transport for the next few months and for the next
25 000 km : An all important choice !

In Australia, especially in Sydney and in the other big towns, there is always a lot of choice regarding backpackers’ cars. It isn’t hard to find a gem. However, it is crucial to always check the car prior to your purchase. You should do a check up at a garage before buying a van, because there are also a few bad surprises possible if the owners of the car are dishonest with you. Some backpackers want to sell their car as fast as possible before leaving and are willing to lie or hide some malfunctions. Of course, no need to be paranoid as not everybody will do that, but it is always a plus to be careful and to double check everything. For example : Not too many kilometers, the fabrication year, check the engine, oil, look beneath the car, the tires, keep an eye out for rust, verify the car’s papers and have a look at the car’s history (repairs and modifications), try the car yourself, ect, ect. You have to be sure that all is well concerning these crucial points before focusing on the “travel” aspects of the car, like the kitchen, the bed, camping gear or decorations.

If you have found your dream car and you are ready to buy it, it’s so simple to do and the paperwork is done in five minutes with the seller. If the car is in a good state but the interior design isn’t what you are looking for, don’t forget to trust in your makeover skills and go get some new decorations and a few tools to tinker on the car. We actually found the “bedroom part” of the car to be very ugly before redecorating everything ourselves ! That way, we had the feeling that we were adding a touch of our own in the car and it suited us way more. And, thanks to that beautiful redecorating and the car being fully functional, at the end of our journey we had a lot of people that wanted to buy our car. Five different people/groups came to check the car out and all of them wanted to buy it ! Whereas the previous owner had had a very hard time to sell the car, because it wasn’t very beautiful.

Once you feel all cosy and at home in your new van, that’s when the journey truly begins..

All three of us left Sydney feeling so blessed and so excited for the adventure ahead : Lou, Vianney and our adored little van. Thus, it begun : Nine months full of unforgettable discoveries and infinite love for all that surrounded us.

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