BALI, INDONESIA – Introduction and itinerary

After discovering wonders in Australia and New Zealand, it was time to visit another country, a place that would be really different from back home. Indonesia. Bali.
A perfect island to end our one year journey : we would both be discovering a new culture and we would also be able to wind down and treat ourselves with massages and good food after being on the road for so long.
We went to Bali during the month of May. We stayed there one whole month and almost always had sunny, hot, days. The first few days, it was hard for us to adapt to the hot and humid weather, which was different than the previous countries but we got used to it quite quickly. We also got used to be very very sweaty almost all day long.

Our favourite means of transport was the scooter, which gave us so much freedom but we also took a cab from time to time to go from one place to another. The scooter, though it can be dangerous, really gives you the chance to explore places that aren’t yet discovered by all the tourists. Because, there are a lot of tourists here (of course, we are tourists too so, can we really complain?). While driving a scooter, always be cautious about your surroundings. We saw a lot of tourists with scratches and wounds because of a scooter accident. And, we also had a small scooter accident. We were once again very lucky and barely had a scratch when it could’ve been way worse. Anyway, please, please, please, even if it’s “uncool” or “not instagram material” just wear a helmet already ! Safety or selfie ? Is it so hard to make the right choice ??
Well, I disgress. This was NOT the subject of this post. So let’s get back to it…

We arrived at Denpasar, by plane. If you’ve been following us for some time, you know big cities aren’t a blast for us, so we just stayed the first night in a hostel and the next day we took a boat to Nusa Penida, a small island close to bali. We spent a few days discovering the Balinese culture on this tiny island before coming back to Denpasar and directly to Ginyar and Ubud. We didn’t do the South part of the island or Kuta for we were told that it was just a very very touristy area, full of people that just wanted to get wasted. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it wasn’t our mindset. We could’ve gone there to experience it on our own instead of listening to other people’s tips but we were starting to get low in money. And we mainly wanted to avoid big touristic crowds.
Why go to Ubud, then ? Full of tourists also ? Good question, but we loved that city. From Ubud, we traveled to Munduk and Lovina. Of course, these are not the only areas we’ve been to during our month trip. Just like we did in Australia and New Zealand, we took our time to go from one place to another and often took long detours if a road seemed interesting to us. It would be impossible to be very precise on all the places we’ve gone to, and that’s why we have chosen to only list well-known areas.

From Lovina, we went to Amed, which was also a lovely place. Then, to Sidemen, a small local village not yet too much touched by tourism and back to Ubud as our final destination for this trip.
What was great about Ubud was that we would often ride our scooter away from the busy city and we only needed to drive 10/15 minutes (in any direction) before being completely alone in nature.

The places we liked the most were Amed, Ubud, Sidemen and Nusa Penida. Some articles about each place are coming up soon, so stay tuned ! 🙂

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