Bali’s beautiful places : MUNDUK

This is the last article that will be dedicated to several places that we went to in Bali. These are all places that we enjoyed discovering and that brought us a lot of memories..

Our previous articles about Bali’s beautiful places talked about Amed, Sidemen, Ubud, and Nusa Penida. This last place we are going to talk about is : Munduk.
Let’s talk about this area together : Some basic informations on the village, our more personal opinions on this place and our experiences there (where we stayed, what we did the most, who we met).


Munduk is a small village at the north of Bali. It is a village with mountains all around it, so it makes this place a perfect place to go trekking and to discover hidden waterfalls.
It isn’t visited often by tourists so there are few homestays and warungs in the area. However, some waterfalls are visited often as they are part of a one-day guided tour that departs from Ubud to visit the surroundings.

What to do in Munduk ?

Waterfalls : There is a 3/4 hour walk circuit that allows you to visit three waterfalls nearby.
Our homestay gave us a small map to show us where to go and what path to follow to see the waterfalls. It is a walk that brings you inside the forest and that will also make you pass through tiny little hidden villages where you’ll see a lot of dogs, chickens, little houses and very kind locals.
The first two waterfalls are quiet and almost “tourist-free”, whereas the last waterfall of this circuit, Munduk Waterfall is very famous and very touristic. This waterfall is close to the road and many buses bring tourists to see it, so you should expect it to be a bit more crowded.
The walk is pleasant, but you should be prepared to encounter steep hills and a lot of stairs to arrive to the waterfalls. Also, be aware that you’ll have to pay to see each waterfall. It is a very cheap amount of money to pay, but it feels very weird having to pull out your wallet in the middle of the jungle to pay a ticket to a booth in the middle of nowhere.

Rice terraces and coffee plantations : You can admire all the rice paddies and coffee plantations around Munduk by driving around with your scooter or even just by walking arround the village.

Explore the surroundings : As always, we loved exploring the small roads and main roads with our scooter and discovering beautiful areas. That is how we arrived at Lake Tamblingan by pure coincidence !


We stayed for three days in Munduk and felt that we could’ve stayed only two days to see the surroundings. The area is very beautiful and the road to arrive in Munduk is impressive as well. However, it might be because we came without checking what we could do in the area when we got there, but we felt that there wasn’t much to do. After doing the walk to see the three waterfalls and driving around the village, we felt like we were ready to go !

Where did we stay and eat ?

We stayed at Taman Ayu Munduk, a homestay on the main road of the village. The rooms are very basic but the view from our balcony was beautiful and the family was incredibly nice to us ! This homestay also has a warung, which was very practical for us. We didn’t eat at their warung all the time but to be honest, we did eat there almost all the time as the food was very good, they were very kind to us and we had an amazing view of the sun setting while we were eating ! We also rented our scooter with this family.

One evening, while we were eating in this yummy warung, there was also another french couple eating there.. The end ! Thrilling story, right ? Haha kidding, what a funny joke ahhhh I’m tired… Anyway. There was an Indonesian guide with this couple that also spoke french and when he heard us speak french, he went up to us to have a chat. He ended up sitting with us and talking about many many things, Bali’s history, his personal life goals, etc. for a bit less than an hour. He was a very kind man and a very spiritual man, as well. He told us what kind of energy he felt was emanating from us and which chakras seemed to be blocked for each one of us. He inspected us like this during a long time and started talking about our own spirituality. At the end, he gave us a blessing before wishing us good night.
The question of wether what he had told us was bullshit or not, did rise up and is still a question that we ask ourselves today. However, this man had a beautiful energy and we had a really good time being with him and speaking to him. After that dinner, we felt very happy to have been able to meet such a kind man and wether what he told us was true or not, didn’t really matter. He brought us a bit of magic after a tiring day. Why ask for anything more ?

This encounter and the walk to the waterfalls was what we had prefered in Munduk. But after three days surrounded by mountains, we were ready to see the sea again, in Amed !

Thank you for taking the time to read our Bali’s beautiful places series of articles ! It means a lot to us to be able to share a little piece of our journey with all of you and we hope that our own experience will make you want to travel in Bali. 🙂 Since we are just starting this blog, it would be a huge help if you told us your opinion of this blog : What type of articles you like or dislike and what changes we should make on this blog !

Have a magnificent day !

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