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Douceur terrestre

Out of nowhere, we had made a decision. We would meet up at the other end of the world, in Sydney to discover a small part of this huge country that is Australia, together. We were anxious to travel so far for the first time, however we never would have guessed that we were about to embark on an adventure far more rewarding than we imagined.
This space, is a place to share. We will try -without ever being able to- to share our experiences, the freedom and the open-mindedness that a trip like this one can bring to us. We do not claim to know the absolute truth of what a trip should be like or on the countries that we have visited. This is a sharing of our feelings, our experiences and our opinions.

Who knows? Maybe we can inspire some of you to take the first step into the unknown?

Our journey

Who are we ?

Hello, fellow earth people !
Behind this blog, behind these pictures and these posts, there are two people,
Lou and Vianney !

❃ I am Lou, most of the time, I am the one who writes the articles on this blog. I am very new to this and not q quite used to sharing my experience on the internet but I feel like I will quickly get the hang of this (let’s hope so, for your sake !). I love taking care of animals (and humans, also), hiking, painting, writing and dancing (this does not mean that I am “good” at all these things, but I am happy when doing them, and that’s what matters.. Right ?).

❃ And I am Vianney, usually the one who takes all the pictures and that takes care of our instagram account (almost) daily. I got my first camera during one of our trips, about a year ago (Lou tells me to tell you that it’s thanks to her) and since then, I am addicted to taking pictures (mostly landscapes and wild life). Photography is becoming a passion but I also love cooking (I am really really good at it), building about anything with my hands (woodwork, housework, you name it) and physical activities.

We met at university in a small town in France, where we both studied Psychology. At some point, we both felt stuck in our everyday lives. That’s when we started talking together about traveling far away and that we discovered that we both felt that same feeling of wanting more, wanting something new, different, completely unknown.
After months of talking about it, we traveled to Sydney, Australia in June. Our plan was to do a small roadtrip together for three weeks and then go our separate ways. Of course, it didn’t go according to plan at all. We ended up staying in Australia for 9 months together, before going to New Zealand for two months and to Bali (Indonesia) for one month.

And while we await for our next big adventure, we are here to share this precious one with you.

Contact us

If you would like to share something with us, to ask us for a specific article to write or to contact us regarding our photos, please message us via our e-mail adress :